Mini CV

Lars Frisén was born, raised, and educated in Göteborg (aka Gothenburg), Sweden, and was awarded an MD in 1966 and a PhD in 1968, at the University of Gothenburg. A one-year Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Neuro-Ophthalmology followed in 1972-3, with William F Hoyt, MD, at the University of California, San Francisco.

Academic life began in 1960, as an amanuensis (junior teacher) in human anatomy at the University of Gothenburg, turned to ophthalmology at the university hospital (Sahlgren's) in 1968, and to full-time clinical neuro-ophthalmology in 1971. Appointments included docent of human anatomy in 1968, docent of clinical neuro-ophthalmology in 1973, and adjunct professor in 2000. Mandatory retirement took place in 2006.

Publications  About 110 are listed in PubMed. Some 50 others appear in various places, including the proceedings of the International Perimetric Society, the Neuro-Ophthalmology journal, and in textbooks. There is one monograph, Clinical Tests of Vision (Raven Press, 1990; ISBN 0-88167-639-X). A full list is kept here.

Ten personal favorite papers are

Current projects  include several new formats of vision testing for smartphone platforms and a new type of pupillometer.

Other interests  include tinkering (I have my own metal lathe and milling machine), a 2012 Honda NC700SD motorcycle, programming (mostly in Swift and HTML), literature (O'Brian, Rushdie, Rutherfurd, Tolkien, ...), Swedish art glass, and a small country-side cottage (a view from the cottage forms the background in several displays on this site).

A favorite picture  shows granddaughter Frances at age 2, "reading" for a moderately enthralled audience: